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We provide a ever-flourishing platform to share ideas, exchange information and
contribute to the advancement of technology and research


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About Deptartment of Electrical Engineering

Since its conception in the year of 1912-13 the Department of Electrical Engineering at IIEST, Shibpur (erstwhile Bengal Engineering College) has always strived to nurture and enlighten young minds so that they can become the thinkers and planners of tomorrow. The transformation of enthusiastic aspirants into diligent working professionals, through learning is at the core of the department.

The Department produced its first batch of graduate electrical engineers in 1936. The postgraduate degree was first offered in 1955 and the first Ph.D. scholar from the department came out in 1959. Currently, the department offers an 8-semester undergraduate B.Tech course, a 10-semester dual degree (B.Tech and M.Tech) course and a 4-semester postgraduate M.Tech degree course in Electrical Engineering.

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NIRF Engineering Ranking


To attain a position of international excellence and leadership in education and research activities related to Electrical Engineering. To provide a dynamic and scholarly environment wherein students learn independently and in collaboration with others to develop a disciplined as well as an innovative approach to their careers as industry-ready engineers, researchers or teachers. To ensure that every student is aware of his/her role and responsibilities in industry and to a greater extent to the society through appropriate exposure to ethics, equity, public, and worker safety, and health considerations, together with the concepts of sustainable development and environmental stewardship.

Mission &Vision

Placement (B. Tech)

About Electrical Engineers' Society

The Electrical Engineers’ Society is a segment of the Department of Electrical Engineering of IIEST Shibpur. It is an independent organization of students, teachers and several dilettante around and outwith Kolkata. Along with encompassing regularly scheduled conferences and workshops on Electrical Engineering, the society has succeeded in providing a ever-flourishing platform to share ideas, exchange information and contribute to the advancement of technology and research. The society also organizes various cultural events like - Fresher's Welcome, Farewell and Teacher's Day, promoting a healthy socializing. Besides heavy academics, the society is known to have successfully conduct few technical events every academic year


Freshers' Party class of '23

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