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The faculty of the Department of Electrical Engineering is some of the best in the country, in terms of experience and innovation and their works have also been published in peer-reviewed journals and prestigious international conferences. A number of them have also implemented state-of the-art R&D projects and have also produced patents.

Research Scholars

Research Scholars are the work horse of the research in the department, hailing from all-over India with varied cultures and background, united with a will to achieve better. These Scholars are some of the most talented and meritorious group of individuals from across the country.


Our team of staffs provide us with many facilities and services--technical and non-technical. They are the reason behind the seamless academic and research experience of the department


These are some of the brightest young minds from across the country and the world. All students who are admitted in the Department of Electrical Engineering are a member of EES. This includes all undergraduate, postgraduate and doctoral student.

Web Team

Meet the students of the society who helped in developing this website :)

Electrical Engineers' Society

Meet the postholders of Electrical Engineers' Society !

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